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DreadGameplay Dreadlord is a classic side-scrolling shooter; but with a twist! Shoot the villagers in the heart, and it'll convert them into zombies! These zombies fight for you. The game contains 11 levels, numerous upgrades including barriers, snipers, weapon upgrades, and bombs.

It was also sponsored by AddictingGames.com and has received over 1,000,000 plays!
Go ahead and try it out, follow the link here!

Coded in ActionScript 2.0
Play Dreadlord! Controls: Mouse to maneuver, left click to fire. Enter key to launch your necrobombs! Don't forget to buy upgrades!


Chromasoak Chromasoak is a new, innovative title that combines classic elements of dodge 'em game play and color theory. With a few in-game upgrades, opponents to dodge, and toxic rain that adds yet another element   of difficulty; you're sure to have a good time with this one! This title also includes standard game features such as a menu, instructions, a mute option, and a pause key.

Go ahead and try it out, follow the link here!

Coded in ActionScript 3.0
Play Chromasoak! Controls: Arrow keys to move, tap UP twice to double jump. 'P' or Space to pause!


Cumulus Confections
Cumulus Confections Cumulus Confections is a learn-to-type game, themed as a Greek carnival! Zeus is on a quest to gather food for his feast on Mt Olympus. Help him harvest the clouds by typing the English words that appear before they pass! Watch out for his brother, Hades!

This game was sponsored by WordReference.com and has received over 600,000 plays on the site!
Go ahead and try it out!

Coded in ActionScript 3.0
Play Cumulus Confections! Controls: Point and click, and keyboard for typing!


SkyLancer -- Work In Progress
SkyLancer SkyLancer is a proof-of-concept, medieval platformer loaded with upgrades, hand-to-hand combat, ranged combat, and platforming challenges! Though a work in progress, the engine is complete and two beautifully polished levels have already been cranked out. I normally would never put up uncompleted work, but since the portion I do have is of utmost quality, I do not mind sharing. Enjoy!

Coded in ActionScript 2.0
Play SkyLancer! Controls: Arrow keys to move and jump. 'A' for melee attack and 'S' for ranged attack!


PumpkinGameplay A Halloween themed game I created for a monthly contest hosted by the Game Creation Club at Ohio State (gamedev.osu.edu). A pretty fun game, with several different levels and gradual upgrades to gameplay, such as cannons and giant pumpkins! Also contains some very high quality music wirtten by artist NeoDeadlyRave. Finish all five levels and submit a highscore!

Coded in ActionScript 2.0
Play PumpkinHarvest! Controls: Use the left and right arrow keys to control your character.


HabboGameplay A small drop-and-catch game I wrote for a friend over at habtipsvalues.com. Its theme is based off of Habbo Hotel, and contains some subtle animations and effects. You have got three lives, and bombs start spawning on level two, so do your best to avoid those. Select from one of three characters and build up a spectacular combo!

Both soundtracks and all sound effects were made by actual habbo sound designers; big thanks especially to Redivius!

Coded in ActionScript 2.0
Play HabboDrop! Controls: Use left and right arrow keys to maneuver your character!


The Golden Giant  
GiantGameplay A humorous game concept I thought of while in the middle workings of a much larger flash project. You're a giant, and it is up to you to prevent the fire from tearing up nearby forest! Do it as quickly as possible. This game was inspired by the excellent fountain/rain tutorials over at http://flashandmath.com/, and was great inspiration in designing this short game and concept.

Coded in ActionScript 3.0
Play The Golden Giant! Controls: Simply point and click, put the fire out as fast as possible!


International Bedding -- Contract
IBC-Screenshot Though this isn't a flash game, it was a small contract I gained with International Bedding. They had about 700 reps and a total sale of 17,000 beds. Each rep sold a ratio of these beds, and was given proportional odds to it. Using these odds, I had to fairly determine two winners of a trip to London; complete with a spiffy animation and user interface. I had to read the names and number of beds sold from an Excel file, and then store all those values in an array.

It was actually a fairly fun project, and I think I did an excellent job.

Coded in ActionScript 3.0


My Marriage Proposal
Proposal Gameplay I proposed to my girlfriend August of 2010 using this short little video game. It is supposed to loosely represent my transition from a previous life to one with her; and my commitment for eternity.

It has got two levels, and some pretty art designs; but to best get a feel for it, go ahead and play for yourself.

Coded in ActionScript 3.0
Play the Proposal! Controls: Spacebar for the first level, arrow keys for the second.


Tic-Tac-Toe -- Complete with a fully-functioning Artificial Intelligence system!
TTTGameplay The computer's move is simply determined via a minimax search. Complete with 4 difficulties; and yes, 'Unbeatable' really is unbeatable. To setup the four difficulties, I simply reassigned the heuristic values, with varying ranges and correctness. For the easier difficulties, heuristics are more random, and for the most difficult, ordered exactly as they need to be. Feel free to give this game a try and see if you can win!

Coded in ActionScript 2.0
Play Tic-Tac-Toe! Controls: Point and click to select the grid-space to draw in!


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