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About Me:

I'm currently a software engineer at Microsoft, working on the Xbox One.

Everything you see on this site (short of this paragraph, and my resume) is a snapshot, circa year of 2010, right as I was finishing up my undergrad. Several of my demos and projects from college are on display, all with small briefings and explanations. For a more recent update on where I am, take a look at the resume link above.

Questions, comments, or concerns

EMAIL me at david@straily.com

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My Game Development and Interactive Art Montage
In case you didn't catch it on the main entrance page, here's a brief 1 minute clip that covers a large variety of my 'interactive projects.' A montage, if you will of some flash games and 3D projects. The super cool 3D RTS game is called Manifest Destiny, feel free to check that out.

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