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Fractal Imaging
The following images were written using a 20 line piece of code. Written in Python, I used the PIL (Python Imaging Library) to draw graphic representations of Julia and Mandelbrot Sets. These are iterations of polynomials and rational functions. Drawn with an RGB color scale, the x-axis represents the plotted real numbers, and the y-axis represents the imaginary set. For both the Julia and Mandelbrot sets, they are based on a simple recursive equation: Z = Z^2 + C. For the Mandelbrot set, C is a constant, real number. For the Julia set, K is a fixed, complex number.

Julia Set Julia Set Julia Set Julia Set Julia Set Julia Set
Julia Set Circle Set Julia Set Mandelbrot Set Julia Set Julia Set



Photoshop Art and Editing
Blank Eyes Big Mouth
Pink Dress Green Dress


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